You may wonder who am I..
I’m a 25 years old designer, I currently work for one of the major european motorhome maker.
I am designing there vehicles inside and out, trying to make them as easy to use as they will be good looking. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make an article about that when it come out next year.
I am also an interior decoration lover! I would have loved to be an architect but I always thought that it would ask too much calculus from me. So I’m working on tiny houses on wheels instead! But when I have time, I’m working for families and friends. helping them choose what to do with their houses. It helps me wait until I have a place of my one in order to do that for myself ! I also like to transform furnitures, I love to give a second life to old stuff, and it fulfills a little bit my need of creativity ! I’m trying to do this with taste.
But my real passion is cars. i love cars, all of them! As long as i remember i always loved cars. when I was a little kid i would play all day with my Hot-wheels! Sometimes in the morning my mother would come and wake me up, and she would find cars laying all over my bed beside me! I would fall asleep playing. I had a ton of video games , but most of them where racing games! I would play all day, pretending it was real life and that i was really driving! So you can imagine how exited I was to pass my driving licence! my 18th anniversary was the 23rd of April, and I took my driving test the 25th! But I failed.. miserably. I had to wait until the end of may to be able to take a car for a spin alone. But I waited and passed it the second time. that was a relief ! My parents gave me the brave Peugeot 306 my mother bought in 1998. that was my freedom! And my friends freedom too..