First time on the cover of a magazine!

June 17, 2016 at 8 h 13 min

Today at work while i was doodling stupid ideas with one hand and scrolling endlessly on pinterest with the other.A colleague whose working with me in the  open space ( actually he’s the guy who made the 3D models for this project) brought me a magazine. That’s quite usual as he would often come to my desk to show me picture of what the other brands did right or did wrong. We would then discuss about it for a while deciding if they have done the right choice or not..  because we are not very objective, we end up most of the time saying that it looks stupid and it isn’t well thought out. Even if we secretly hope we would have thought about that before them…

Anyway, today that was not the case because the magazine wasn’t opened and he just threw it on my desk with a smile. he knew I would be more that happy to see that our project was on the front page, because this is the first time I am the only designer responsible for an entire exterior of a vehicle.

This is the cover of Camping car magazine, one of the reference , here, in France for motor-homes.


It feels great to see the vehicle I’ve spent last year working on, on the front page of such an important magazine for the french motor-home enthusiast.

Now I’m waiting for the comments on the websites… Once a week since the vehicle has been revealed I check the usual websites to see if there is an article about the vehicle and if people are commenting about it. It is supposed to be the good looking  vehicle in a world of very average looking motor-homes,and I really hope everyone see it that way!

later on , i’ll describe the design process that lead us to the result, i’ll show you the sketches and maybe a bit of the prototypes that we used 😉

Feel free to tell me what you think about this vehicle, and be as honest as you can 😉