Zazzle shop !

April 25, 2016 at 22 h 17 min

Hey ! I just opened my Zazzle shop in case you want to buy the stuff I design ! 🙂

here is a picture of my first artwork based of the Gulf livery !



check it out !  :


SUVs as real off-roaders!

April 17, 2016 at 18 h 46 min


This week end I took the train home. It is a 4 hours trip so I took an hour to play on photoshop again.


This time I decided to create a real off-roader from an humble Dacia Duster!

It was done in a train with my laptop trackpad so be gentle in the comments ! :p


dacia-duster-restyle-photo-2013-_03 Duster4x4

Okay, After the Duster, I started this Bentley Bentayga, I’ll see if I have the time to finish this one ;)!



Station wagon supercars !

April 14, 2016 at 19 h 06 min

Hey everyone! I was checking the automotive world news this morning at work… because that’s what you’re supposed to do at work, no? Oh… 🙁  Anyway, I double checked my calendar because I really though we were still on the 1st of April!

I found out Chevy is going to make a Corvette wagon! I mean.. a wagon? but why?  because why not!




I tried to find a picture from the rear but could not find it …

It looks good and I like the fact that it is one of a kind. Well, almost one of a kind because I believe the concept is a bit close to the Ferrari FF!



A vehicle I like a lot! I like the idea of a Ferrari you can use on a daily basis. I could clearly see myself on a mountain road in an FF. Unfortunately it is a bit too much money for my thin wallet. 🙁 This type of vehicle goes for around 200 000€.

Maybe one day!

During my lunch break earlier today I quickly photoshopped a few pictures to give you an idea of what other supercars could look like in a sportwagon version!

here are the pictures :


Let’s start with a Regera SW ! 😀 I wanted to do this one because a few years back they did a version of the Agera R with a roof box!


Now we have a Ferrari LaFerrari FF, A bit more “wagonny” that the actual FF. but it it is interesting! I would still go with the regular Laferrari though.

918 SW

How about a 918 SportTurismo? This one could be nice!


huracan copie

Let’s end that post with a Huracan shooting break!


If you can recognize the vehicle used for the photoshops, leave it in the comments ! 😉