Filling the gap

November 10, 2015 at 16 h 25 min
Here is Annie and Alex’s project. They contacted me a month ago and asked me if I could take care of their living room. Despite the lack of free time I have right now, I accepted. They told me they are not in a hurry and they didn’t mind waiting another few month!
The project is quite simple. They want to get rid of a door way that they don’t use anymore, and in a stylish way if possible! This doorway is an opening between the entrance corridor and their living room. So my design will have to serve two propose at once. On the living room side it will be a bookcase with decorations and maybe a reading light, and on the other side it has to be for shoes, keys and all those stuff you don’t know where to put when you enter your house!
 annierendu annie couloir
Very early in the project, I thought that my design should not be entirely closed. I want to be able to see through the furniture, it will give an impression of space.
Also, because Annie and Alex are in a tight budget, I wanted to use as much piece of furniture from the shop as possible. This is how this project turned into a hack Ikea solution!