Bringing that 1950’s TV back.

October 22, 2015 at 17 h 19 min
IMG_1037A few month ago I bought a 1950’s TV at a garden sales. Of course it doesn’t work and is in a state of disrepair that will not allow it to ever work again..
But I love the 1950’s look of it and I was sure I could do something with it! So i bought it.
It is a Sonneclair, a french brand that went out of business years ago.
I also own a Sonneclair Lamp Radio that does work either.
I wanted to find a way to use that TV! I had a lot of ideas.. I could transform it into a Bar to store bottles and glasses ! but the screen would stay as boring as a rainy sunday afternoon. And what else can 92939712you do a rainy sunday afternoon except drinking in front of your turned off 1950’s TV? Yes a lot of other activities.
So I wanted to transform it into a fishtank ! if only I could find one that fits properly into the screen displacement, it would look perfect! but I don’t live where the TV is stored anymore. So I would not be there to take care of the fishes! 🙁
The best idea I had… was to completely transform it into … a TV !
Ok it’s not extremely original but the result should be pretty cool! The idea is to take a modern day LCD screen and retrofit it in place of the old screen.
The first step was to find a screen that would fit! I looked all over the internet and in magazines, The ideal size for this TV is actually a quite common 17inch screen, BUT it can not be 16:9! but not exactly 4:3 either. So it was a bit hard to find the perfect screen but I ended up finding one on the french equivalent of Craig’s list(Le Bon Coin) that fits into the place left. It’s not perfect but I think it’s as good as it going to get.
The next step was to remove every thing that I didn’t need from the wooden box. in order to make it lighter, and to make space for the new screen.
I found quite a lot of spiders in there! maybe some of them were older than me! the good news was they were all dead! well, good news for me, not for them obviously.
because the new screen was not exactly the same size as the hole left by the old one, i had to create wood plates on the top and on the bottom of the screen. I took some black wood and painted the edges so it will be discreet when everything is finished.
I hope I will be able to continue this project and maybe finish it before the end of the year!
To be continued.